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Got A Wood-Burning Stove? After You See This Weird Axe In Action It Will Be The Only Axe You’ll Ever Want

The Finnish VIPUKIRVES axe is expensive, but then again it’s a “precision tool for splitting firewood” and I think you’ll be impressed seeing it in action.

Got a friend who has a wood-burning stove and ~$300 to spare for an axe? If so you can share the video with them below.

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  • adam

    Nice technique, especially like the tyre idea to stop things flying around. This guy is splitting birch though, which grows very straight grained and knot free as a result of the Scandinavian climate and excellent forestry management. I’d like to see how it performed on some of the more bothersome UK hardwoods…?

    Anyone tried it on oak or beech for example?

  • logan

    what is it called and were can i get 1 that thing is amazing

  • Joe Alvarado

    Does work on any type of wood ? I’m from south texas and we mesquite tree when they dry they can be very hard . I’m not of the cost of the axe . Looks thin to stand up to mesquite

    • brian

      Woild like to see it perform on some good old newfoundland spruce. haa now that would be a true test.

    • john

      try locust my maul bonces off sometimes

  • tina herald

    I don’t think it would work that well on some good hard oak wood & besides that he is making kindling out of that soft wood rather than a good piece of fire wood it sure will burn up quickly like that .

  • Dave

    It looks like it would be fine for pine boards or small softwood logs, for starter wood. But here in NC the white oak 40″ in dia. need my 12lb maul. Also seems kinda high priced.

  • Denis Plante

    I don’t understand what is so special with this axe…it should be explained. The interested idea is the tire. But this tire device could be improved by adding some kind of a plate on the big peace of wood. The plate could be lift by cable hanging passing between the lug and the tire and hanging on the side. Once the lug is in peaces, we grap the cable and lift it, wich empties every bit of splitted wood…

  • gerald

    Would like 2 see it split some alabama shag bark hickory..

  • Geoff

    The tyre is wasted, In Africa it would be on a taxi.

    • Bill

      Or around somebodys neck on fire.

  • Dan

    Honestly, the same can be accomplished by using the tire alone or some bungee straps to keep the bundle together. Yes, the ax is kind of neat, and the off center balance does look to help some with the separation, but I have been splitting wood like that for years without any special kind of ax. No trick there, people have been doing this for probably a hundred years or more with ropes or twine. Save your money, buy a decent ax, keep it sharp and a few bungee straps and you’ll be in business just like he was in the video.

  • Jeff

    First off, notice he is splitting perfectly clear wood. that flared top edge won’t do a thing if you hit a knot and can’t drive the axe that deep into the wood.
    Secondly, why is he splitting all the wood so small? It will burn a lot faster and waste a lot of fuel that way.

    • Dave

      I like the tire idea, only the logs I split are so heavy , you do good just standing them on end. Anyway this is a European tool and they must put some Swiss gold in the handle for weight. Otherwise how do they justify the cost. IMHO

  • eric

    When I saw the video my first thought was “That has very little to do with the axe and EVERYTHING to do with the type of wood.” I was glad to see that was everyone else’s thought too. Would love to see a video of some one trying to use it on hickory.

    The tire idea seems interesting, but how many logs do you have that will fit inside a tire that well? Was glad to hear the thoughts on bungee straps.

  • Zac

    I think the tire idea is a neat trick. And I was hoping to see him split something difficult like something 6-8″ diameter with knots. As far as how small he is cutting it, for my rocket stove it would have to be smaller but with just what he cut in the vid, that would heat my place for two months… No joke. Sorry I’ll save my $300 and get my non gym membership workout, it’s more gratifying that way

  • Cynthia

    This wood is very yielding. I agree with the others…it’s the wood that makes it so easy.

  • Rick

    It looks like the axe would twist hard each time it splits a piece of wood. That would be hard on your wrists. If I had nice clear, knot free, frozen wood like that to split I could almost do it with a karate chop.

  • wyatt

    it seems to just help cut the right size with the extra blade on it so most pies come out uniform

  • john

    save a backbreaking waste of time and put the bag over the cut pile and tilt to fill the sack.

  • James Myers

    Probably a good design, but splitting birch is different than oak/hickory…I like the tire idea.

  • larry

    i split small for my sauna i want fast hot fire.but i use a fiskar ax

  • Fred Thiess

    That’s an expensive back scratcher!

  • lizthesqueak

    How about left-handers? Would it work the same way, or would it not just kick the blade/wood back towards the user? Despite what right-handers think, not all tools are ambidextrous. Anything that kicks away from a right handed user, is going to do just the opposite when used by a leftie.

    • For “leftys” seems like you could take the handle out & put it in opposite of what it is so your extra blade is now on your left side,should this not work?

  • Dan z

    For those who like the tire idea…Hook a small chain to a bungie… With the chain u can adjust to each size log by hooking diffrent links

  • Erik

    I would like to see him split some red maple or white oak like that , I think I will stick with my 24 ton log splitter !

  • Bob

    I think the novelty with this axe is that the off weighted head forces the wood to split apart when it hits as opposed to wedging the head deep into the cut. Also, as a result it would almost never get lodged in the piece you’re splitting which would be a problem for up-ending it. Although if (I emphasize IF) it splits as well as it does here on real wood then you might not even need to up end anything.

    I would also like to see him work on some nice hard wood here, that would really be saying something.

  • RealCanadian

    Ya this “AXE” is Fine and Dandy on BIRCH but lets see it try n chop through Oak or Maple.

  • Swede

    Got to love the fact that everybody says “Yeah thats fine on that soft finnish birch, but it would NEVER work on my superhard local diamond wood”. Its a tool, principle is the same and hardness does not com into play when splitting. Knots on the other hand do make a differance.

  • Roger

    Easy to do with any ax when the wood is frozen solid.

  • Shaun

    I highly doubt that would work on hedge.

  • This is a copy of a maul known as the Monster Mall that began selling in the 1970’s or 1980’s. I used to have one when I lived in New Hampshire. Frozen wood, the wood this gentleman is splitting, splits easier than thawed wood. but frozen or thawed, Curly Maple or American Elm will give the best splitting maul and operator a workout!

  • It is a fantastic design that flares out to split as it cuts through. Really sharp! No pun intended.

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